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"Releasing the physical, mental and emotional blocks that hold you back from happiness and fulfilment."

Have you reached a cross-roads in your life where you need positive change?

You may feel lost or stuck and don't know what is preventing you from living a more fulfilled and happier life. Perhaps you are tired of dealing with negative people at work or at home. Are you stressed and anxious trying to cope with a difficult phase in your life such as a divorce or redundancy? You may have suffered a trauma that you can't seem to move forward from such as physical or sexual abuse, bullying, loss of a loved one or being close to death yourself. I can help you on your journey to the change you want. For the past thirty years it has been my privilege to be able to successfully free hundreds of people from the debilitating feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, anger, fear, guilt or loss.

"Mark has a unique approach - he's able to fully understand your thoughts and emotions and offer new perspectives.."

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