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Re-balancing your mind, body and soul

Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th November 2017

Course Details:

A two-day course facilitated by Mark McDowell and Jayne Faria.

The course is committed to introducing you, every step of your way, to yourself, re-balancing your soul, mind and as a matter of course, your physical body. Your therapists, through an intuitive and spiritual understanding of individual and group therapy, and with over 60 years’ of combined experience within this field, work together with you; utilizing a blend of techniques tailored to your specific needs, help you unblock negative thought patterns and energy. The result being that you gain more freedom in your life and awaken your highest potential.

This course isn’t about enabling you to change, change in itself can be transient, and we don’t want you to change into someone else that you don’t want to be! It’s about helping you to discover your true soul intent and relinquishing all that doesn’t serve you.

And you know what, the journey can be fun!

Within the group you can choose to share, or to remain silent, it is always your choice, your innermost voice will be heard either way. Please, only book your place with us if this has a resonance with you.

For more information on Mark and Jayne, please see below.

Benefits that you can expect to gain:

  • A renewed interest in your own well-being

  • A deeper understanding of your souls’ intent

  • A renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm

  • A deeper understanding of each of your relationships

  • A true feeling of belonging

  • Better sleep patterns

  • An awareness of your abilities

  • An awareness of your true desires

  • Confidence in your own self

  • Confidence in those around you

  • A much further advanced state of being able to communicate your feelings

  • The discovery of the peace that lies within your soul

  • A desire to stay in the here and now

  • The ability to enjoy the simple aspects of your everyday life


The course will take place in the sunshine coast of Eastbourne at one of its best hotels (Best Western York House Hotel with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.  The Hotel is set on the stunning South Coast, ideally positioned being just over an hour away from London and gateway to 1066 Country and South Downs National Park.

Eastbourne also boasts great restaurants, four theatres and inspiring galleries and museums should you wish to explore further. With its relaxed and calm energy, it’s a perfect location for individuals to reflect as the course progresses.

Course Schedule

Friday: Introductory talk 7-8.30pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Course Fee

Course fee is £399. This is an introductory fee, our next course in February will be £499.

Early bird fee of £350 if you book by 15 October or £375 by 22 October.

Price includes...

  • Course fee

  • Excellent accommodation based on sharing a twin room at Best Western York House Hotel (

  • Choice of full English or continental style breakfast on Saturday and Sunday in the hotel

  • Lunch and refreshments on Saturday and Sunday in the hotel

In the evenings, you are free to explore the area and the wide array of good quality restaurants.

If you would like your own room and/or a room with a sea view, then a small supplement fee of £15 is payable. However, we would urge you to book early if you would like a room with a sea view as this is not guaranteed and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

If you would like to extend your stay, please let us know and we can discuss this with the hotel.

Booking Details

For any enquires and to book your place, please contact Rachael Swann on or 0781659397.

Course Leaders


Mark is a qualified hypnotherapist from the California Institute. Today, he uses a blend of techniques developed over 30 years to re-introduce you to yourself, in order to re-balance your soul, mind and physical body with the understanding that each and every one of us responds differently to any given situation in life. He has worked with almost every human condition including those that you would consider to be the most traumatic. He assists by unblocking negative thought patterns and energy; enabling you to gain freedom in your life and awaken you to your highest potential.

Author of three books; “Stepping Through Grief”, “Confidence and Crutches”, and “The consequence of Abuse”.

Jayne Faria

Jayne has been a holistic therapist and lecturer for over 30 years, working within her own busy private practice and running training schools, where she creates and develops courses and products for businesses and spas. Having numerous qualifications for beauty therapy, reflexology, reiki master, aromatherapy, crystal healing and more, Jayne works intuitively with her clients to achieve the correct blend of therapy products and healing spirit for complete balance.  


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