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About Me

Mark McDowell Life, Trauma, Relationship Coach, Therapist, Counsellor

My Approach

Over thirty years ago I qualified as a hypnotherapist - that was the beginning of developing my unique approach which helps transform the lives of my clients ranging from soldiers to children. Using a number of techniques, I enable a release of the physical, mental and emotional blocks that hold us back from a life of contentment and positive relationships.


My success is because I work with the head, heart, body and soul of each individual, as much or as little as they feel comfortable.


This more holistic approach helps provide a stronger foundation for deeper fulfillment and understanding our relationships - most importantly, the one we have with ourselves. I believe transformation is facilitated by making sense of the impact of our life experiences on our health, inner voice and interactions. This process provides clarity to address self-sabotage and let go of the obstacles that prevent us living the life that we wish for.

Though telling your story is a necessary part of healing, my clients have often come to me because traditional "counselling" or "talk therapy" recycled negative feelings and experiences without a positive resolution. I offer a straight-forward client-coach exchange, tapping into your energy and helping identify and shift old patterns of self-sabotage and reduce physical symptoms of trauma and stress.


Together we will look at rewiring and rewriting outdated thoughts, develop new actions and reactions, and draw upon your existing strengths.

I can offer long term and short-term support and coaching for any issue you may need support on. I work with families, individuals, couples and moral-injury related professionals such as soldiers, fire-fighters and paramedics. I have worked with clients who simply need the distance of an impartial and perceptive coach to guide them through a cross-roads in their life or those who have deep psychological traumas experienced by war or child abuse.

Why not take that step to positive change and get in touch to book a session or a free consultation. I can work with you in person, or on the phone or by Skype/ Face Time. If you feel after our first hour's session that you have not benefited in any way, I will gladly offer you a refund.

For more detailed information about how I work, please read my Frequently Asked Questions page.

I am also a public speaker and author of three books; Stepping Through GriefConfidence and Crutches and The Consequence of Abuse.

Stepping Through Grief by Mark McDowell
Confidence & Crutches by Mark McDowell
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