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Mark McDowell Life Coach Session

Mark was recommended to me several months ago, feeling scared and out of control, I was physically and emotionally at rock bottom. It is difficult to describe how beneficial I have found it working with Mark without making it sound like a list of cliches and corny phrases.

He is truly a professional, talented and inspirational man and I will be eternally grateful that our paths have crossed.


I would trust him to help those most dear to me in life and there can be no recommendation more sincere than that.


Mark taught me to measure my personal worth and work towards a happier, more fulfilled way of life.

Through hypnotherapy and discussion, I am a totally different person.


One that is at last beginning to have a life, to feel a sense of purpose. I want to let other people know, that with a little patience, they can also turn their lives around. Mark is dedicated to free you from whatever led him to you. Mark was recommended to me by three different people, all of which have nothing but praise and high regard for his amazing techniques and methods.



I first met with Mark on the recommendation of a good friend - my work was so stressful and my boss was so unreasonable that I needed help before I had a full breakdown. After just one session, I felt I had the strength and tools to deal with work on a day-to-day basis whereas before the only solution would have been to walk out never to return, which wasn't an option at the time.


After a few more sessions, Mark helped me to understand why I'd found myself in such a negative relationship with my work and what I could do / not do to stop it happening again. 


Periodically over the years since, I've met with Mark seeking his help with other areas of my life.


He has a unique approach - he's able to fully understand your thoughts and emotions and offer new perspectives.


Mark's guided me through making some significant changes in my life and I'm not sure they would have happened without his genuine ability to connect with people.


I was at a really difficult point in my life and a friend recommended Mark to me. It is one of the best recommendations I have ever had! He totally gets whatever is going on for me and helps me to readjust my sight in a clearer and positive way.


He is down to earth and a really great counsellor, contact him, you won’t be disappointed.


Mark in many ways is a unique counsellor and truly helped me to see the wood from the trees at a very difficult time of my life, something that has continued to stay with me over the years.


I first saw Mark in my early twenties, suffering with anxiety and anger. What I desperately wanted and needed was a calm, balanced and clear mind.


With Mark’s help I achieved all of these, I am now married with two young children, without Mark’s help I’m not sure if I’d be where I am today.


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