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Love and relationships

Relationships form the basis of all human emotional understanding. Whether it be with our car, our dog, our families or our lover, a bond of a variable emotion ties us together with the people and things of our choice.

By variable, I mean that love, which, is the fundamental base of all emotion, should never remain a constant and like all emotions and feelings love can be likened to the weather, at times sunny, bright and full of hope, on other occasions overcast and possibly even stormy.

This is perfectly natural and healthy, as long as the love we have has a depth and a quality beyond the material or physical.

If the car we used to polish refuses to start and we buy another to replace it, then did we really love it in the first place, or did we just love what it used to be able to do for us.

In any conditional love relationship, rules will always apply and wife’s, husband’s, parents and even children can go the same way as the car.

This is why we have to move towards relationships with true depth, we can find this process emotionally difficult to begin with as it requires us to be truly honest with both our own self and with others.

However, the good news is that once the process begins, a depth of feeling previously unfelt will appear from within you, a sense of confidence and security will walk with you everywhere and you will become non-judgemental of both yourself and others. This means that you will no longer resent another’s actions and they will no longer resent yours.

This in turn creates a balance within you, you will feel grounded and secure, clear minded and spontaneous and you will no longer have the inclination to try to ‘make relationships work’ with a misguided sense of purpose.

Instead, you will experience the joy of the most important human lesson; the reason to be, to love and be loved unconditionally.

Relationships will be explored through our next course on 22-24 September in Eastbourne, you can find out by going to our events page.

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