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The Meaning of Love talk in Brighton

Friday 29th September, 7:30PM at the Brotherhood Gate Spiritualist Church, Brighton

Mark discusses the importance of love and why we can sometimes find it difficult, confusing, frightening and mystifying.

Mark - Alternative Therapist and Teacher (CHYP CHTILA)

Mark is a qualified hypnotherapist from the California Institute. Today, he uses a blend of techniques developed over 30 years to re-introduce you to yourself, in order to re-balance your soul, mind and physical body with the understanding that each and every one of us responds differently to any given situation in life. He has worked with almost every human condition including those that you would consider to be the most traumatic. He assists by unblocking negative thought patterns and energy; enabling you to gain freedom in your life and awaken you to your highest potential.

Author of three books; “Stepping Through Grief”, “Confidence and Crutches”, and “The consequence of Abuse”.


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